Microwaves – Bane or A Boon?

Technology has played an essential role in the advancement of the human civilization. The purpose of the technology development was to make our work simpler and effective. In this fast-paced world, time is what the hot topic. We invest in so many time-saving equipment and gadgets especially when it comes to kitchen essentials like blenders, microwaves, mixers and more. When we talk about microwaves, it has helped us in so many ways from cooking our food to just simply heating it, both ways saving a lot of time. The microwaves are our kitchen companion which can cook meals in no time. Previously, we used to take the meat out from the deep freeze early in order to cook dinner. But with the likes of microwaves, we can instantly defrost the food within seconds. With different companies manufacturing different types of microwaves, every household nowadays possesses a microwave. However, it is said that microwaves are harmful. Well, if that was true, it would have already been banned by the government, isn’t it? But, there is some untold truth about microwaves and its effect on our health as well as the environment.


1. Microwave emits Microwaves:

The electromagnetic field or EMF is a form of a microwave that is released from the microwave oven. These microwaves can cause the water molecules present in the food to vibrate at a very high frequency.
This may cause the food to chemical and physical imbalance. Unlike cooking food on a stove, where the process is much gentler as the heat is provided from the outside, the microwaves directly attack the cells and water molecules of the food which holds the nutritional components of the food. The thermic heat produced by the microwave deforms the structure of the food both physically as well as chemically, making it loose all its vital nutrients. Thus, it is necessary that the timer and the temperature of the microwave are set appropriately for the food to keep all its nutritional value intact. The ideal temperature for cooking food items like eggs, fish and meat is 60 Degree C and the time depends on the structure of the food.


2. Do Microwaves emitCancerwaves?

When the food items like meat are cooked at a higher temperature and for a longer duration of time, it releases heterocyclic aromatic amines (HCA) which are also known as a cancer-causing compound. However, only protein-rich food items can cause this. Also, a recent study has depicted that in comparison to cooking meat in pan or barbeques, the level of HCA released in microwaves is much higher. It is still a theory, but we have to stay prepared for any kind of aspects it throws at us.

3. Microwaving packaged food items:

Another factor that aids to the cancer theory of microwave is that a recent study finds out that microwaving packaged and canned food items led the chemicals to migrate into the food, making it a serious concern for the microwave users. However, the plastic containers and packaged food items are labeled microwave ready. These plastic containers can withstand the heat produced by the microwaves and is safe to use. It is also recommended to use only those containers that have a microwave symbol on it which depicts that it is safer to be used with a microwave. Plastic containers are composed of different chemicals which possess cancer-causing abilities if consumed.


4. Killing the bad bugs:

When we cook in a pan or any other utensil on a stove, we are free to move the food with a spoon so that it can evenly cook from all the sides. But in case of microwaves, the heat doesn’t reach every portion of the food due to the food’s uneven shape. You might have witnessed it so many times in your home when you have to again put the food inside the microwave because it was unevenly cooked. This poses a potential health threat as the microorganisms and other bugs inside the food are not completely removed. It is all about the correct temperature you set your microwave with. If properly set, it will kill all the harmful microorganisms, but the toxins released by these microorganisms might be heat tolerant.


5. Standing near the microwave while it’s still ON or running:

As we know that microwave emits microwaves, and there is a concern amongst the scientists that the microwaves are prone to produce harmful radiation in the air. But, it is still a theory and there is no proof of it. On the other hand, do not get mistaken for the sound and the air movement coming out from the microwave as it is just the fan acting out as an exhaust.